Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

New year's party has gone. We spent a great time. I'm not going to write too much about that, just show you some photos of these days in Galicia. Hope you like them.

Santiago de Compostela. December 2005.

Presepio della nonna. O belén da avoa. My Grandmother's native scene. Please notice the elephant and the owl. Maria's Virgin is 5 cm and St. Joshep is that 25 cm black figurine on the right. The baby Jesus is bigger than his mother. He is laying in a confortable basket full of Xmas decoration stuff. Also she puted this red rose I made for her when I was 10. Such a beautiful scene!

These are my last year's flatmates in Santiago de Compostela with Aldara and Republica.

Diego (Headlong's singer) with my sister.

My cousin Rul (Headlong's guitar player).

These are some pictures we took in Santiago during a crazy night with all the Headlong's members.


Mariolino said...

Il Presepio della nonna ci piace a bestia!!!Baciozzi...

Anonymous said...

Mimá, esas fotos son durisimas:) Rul