Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hi everyone!

The first weekend at home has gone. The trip was tired but I was on time to take the second fly at London Stansted. I spent a night in Santiago with my sister, Mar, Juan, my cousin Rul and my last year's flatmates Andrea and Miriam.
On Friday I arrived home and I had dinner with my dad. Chourizo at least! Molto buono...
I went to see my mum and my grandma also and we went out later with Susana and Tania.
I tried licor café finally and we danced good music.
On Saturday I spent the hole day with mum. Was a great time. I really missed her a lot.
We went out at nigth together also and when she went to bed I met my friends and we went party again.
I must study a lot this week for being free for Christmas. I attached a picture of yesterday's night but I will take much more.

Missing you so much porcos!
Big hugs in special for Orianucha, Mariolino and Tomassinho.


Anonymous said...

Hi beautiful, I'm finally at home, I miss you sooo much bella, I cant wait to see you soon again! Everything is fine here.I spent 2 days in florence and 2 in bologna. I will speak to you soon darling. Take care, love oriana...

tommy said...

hi iperbeautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you a lot!!!!!! I'm not having a good holyday time and I wanna go back to Cork soon.
I hope to see you soon! un bacione